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 Willows of Wadsworth Community Association Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Are garage sales allowed in the Willows? A Village permit is required for garage sales. Permits are granted for no more than two garage sales per property within one calendar year. Any one garage sale may last no more than four consecutive days. Note that any temporary signs to advertise your garage sale must be located on private property. The Village of Wadsworth will remove signs located within the public right-of-way. When are the annual dues to be paid? The statement is typically mailed out in February and due sometime in March of each year. Who is responsible for dog or horse droppings on the roads? The Willows Association is not responsible for road maintenance. Kelly Stables will clean up after bringing a hay ride through the neighborhood. If you see droppings from a horse or even from a dog-- they are from the owners walking through the neighborhood. If it bothers you, contact the pet owner or clean it up. Please clean up after your pet. I have questions about the rules and/or why some homes have things I thought weren't allowed? Contact a Board Member. We are happy to talk to you. Call an individual board member or email wowboard@hotmail.com to ask questions. What do I need to do if I'd like to build a shed on my property? As with all improvements and additions to the exterior of homes, plans must be reviewed by the Architectural Review Committee and approved by the Board prior to construction. To print a copy of the "Guidelines for Shed Construction" click here.  Who is responsible for the culverts? Culverts are the responsibility of the property owners. Why should I cut down the cattails in my swale? I thought that we are not allowed to touch growing cattails, because they are protected. Cattails (Typha latifolia) can be found in damp soil or shallow water where sufficient nutrients are available. It is a common site along expressways, in artificial ditches and shallow ponds, at the edges of calm waters, in consistently damp patches of rural and suburban yards, and in freshwater marshes. They have rhizomes, roots that creep, and they can take over an area (your yard) quickly. The acreage of cattail-dominated wetlands in the United States has increased drastically over the years. They are not protected. They are on the non-native invasive list for northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. These plants interfere with the flow of water and must be removed from all swales/ditches. For more information visit http://plants.usda.gov/java/profile?symbol=TYLA When is the Annual Meeting? The Annual Meeting is held in October. May I come to a Board of Directors Meeting? Board Meetings are open to all owners in the Willows of Wadsworth. Please email wowboard@hotmail.com for information on the next Board of Directors’ meeting. May I get a copy of the board’s meeting minutes? Contact the board at wowboard@hotmail.com for meeting minutes. How do I submit a question to the Board of Directors? You can contact the board by emailing wowboard@hotmail.com or by sending a written inquiry to: Willows of Wadsworth Community Association P.O. Box 196 Wadsworth, IL 60083